Project Name Languages Comments
My first website HTML, CSS and JS Plan and represent with HTML a basic website structure from scratch. Style with CSS and use JS to write a function for the home pages's automatic slideshow.
Contact manager HTML and JS Activity from Openclassrooms course: "Learn to code with JavaScript". Results are displayed in the console.
Solitaire game HTML, CSS and JS Work in progress to implement most of the conditions with the drag and drop and make some sense according to the game rules. I have created a navigation bar and a structure made of divs to display the stack, the waste, the spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs piles and a second row with seven piles. In my first attempt I made a table with rows but it was much easier using divs when I started to modify everything with CSS. I have had many problems trying to put the image I was dragging on top of another one. Everything has to say with their position, absolute and relative positions.
Rock dodger HTML, CSS and JS Exercise from the Flatiron School's Bootcamp prep.
Object oriented CLI Tic Tac Toe Ruby Exercise from the Flatiron School's Bootcamp prep.